New Solution

24/7 Power Supply utilizing Solar Power with NAS Battery for Microgrid

Conventional:Without NAS Battery

Solar generation is unstable and available only during day time when the sun shines. Diesel generation, normally main power source in island or remote area, will get more fluctuated and operate inefficiently to accept such intermittent power, which will cause more difficulty in stable grid operation.

After using NAS Battery

In sunny days, 4-5 times maximum solar power output against average load and NAS battery with capacity of 2/3 against solar power are required to cover the most of the load for 24/7. Battery storage needs to discharge for 14-18 hours to shift the surplus solar energy to night time and early morning. NAS battery can discharge for 6 hours at rated output, but it can discharge for much longer duration by lowering the output. Roughly speaking, the discharge duration will be increased up to 18 hours if NAS battery discharges at 1/3 of rated output. Only proven long-duration energy storage like NAS battery could be expected for this application.

As an example, for 200 kW load, 24/7 power supply could be achieved by utilizing 1,000kW PV and 600kW (3,600kWh) NAS battery. This will enable higher penetration of solar power, optimum use of solar power including its surplus energy and reduction of non-environmentally friendly & costly diesel generator's operation, which will lead to greener society.

※Back up power supply such as diesel generation is necessary for cloudy/rainy days with solar power shortage.

NAS battery simulator

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