Rokkasho village, Aomori, Japan

NAS used for wind power stabilization


The largest NAS station stabilizes 51MW wind power

Owner Futamata Wind Development Co., Ltd.
System Size 34MW
Commissioning Operation Date May, 2008


  • Japan decided to increase its proportion of new energy derived from such sources as solar, wind, and biomass to 3% of primary energy by 2010.
  • The committee consisting of government and power company experts recommended developing hybrid wind-battery farms for solving potential grid instability when injecting large amounts of fluctuating wind generated power.
  • Based on the recommendation, the owner, Japan Wind Development Co., Ltd., planned and developed 51MW wind farm in the area of the best wind condition in Japan.


  • Achieving constant output by charging excess wind power during night when the demand is low and discharging charged energy during day time when the demand is high

Additional Benefits

  • NAS contributes to the wind farm meeting the sever grid code of Tohoku Electric and selling the electricity to JEPX(Japan Electric Power Exchange)

Wind -NAS Hybrid System

  • 34MW (245 MWh) NAS stabilizing 51 MW wind farm.

NAS 2 MW x 17 units

2 MW PCS 17 units

Wind - NAS Hybrid System Performance

  • Wind-NAS hybrid system makes it possible to commit to delivering constant power on the following day utilizing wind forecasts.

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