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Excellent Long-Term Performance

Long-Term Performance Evaluation

Thermal-Mechanical (T&M) performance test as per IEC 60383-1 or ANSI C29.2 is to evaluate long-term reliability of insulators.
As these standards specify minimum requirements only, all NGK insulators have been confirmed to pass modified T&M test.

Test Method IEC Pub. 60383-1 NGK Method
Load 60-65% of Specified
E&M failing load
(24-hour cycle)
60-65% of Specified
E&M failing load
(1-hour cycle)
Temperature -30°C to +40°C
(24-hour cycle)
-40°C to +60°C
(8-hour cycle)
Duration 4days 15days

Acceptance Criteria for T&M Test

To exclude poor quality insulators, M&E test results before and after T&M test are:

  1. No change in strength
  2. No change in fracture pattern
  3. No electrical puncture or no shatter
  4. R-3s>Specified M&E failing load

(R: mean value, s: standard deviation)

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