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NAS Batteries

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authorities and residents.
NAS Battery Fire Incident and Response
NAS Batteries

Due to the development of a high-technology-society, power demand has been increasing year after year.
A big problem under such an environment is the big difference of the electric demand between day and night, and also throughout the seasons.
It is getting difficult to construct power stations and transmission facilities which cover peak power demands not only from the point of construction cost but also conservation of resources. If we succeed to reduce these fluctuations, we can contribute to efficient operation at power stations, decrease of operation cost, and conservation of resources. Our focus has been on a power storage system which applies high energy density and high efficient sodium-sulfur(NAS) batteries.

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This system reduces fluctuation by load leveling and peak shaving.We have jointly developed this "NAS battery" with the Tokyo Electrical Power Company. After extensive testing and demonstration, the prospect of commercial utilization has now been realized. Our NAS battery is expected to play an important role in reducing power demand fluctuation. NAS batteries can function as a power station to charge electric power in the base power source at low demand and discharge it at peak demand. By applying it to a consumer, reduction of an electricity bill and the improvement of electric power quality will be possible.

Electric power demand

Nowadays, another topic for power generation is how to realize maximum utilization of green energy which does not produce CO2 emission in order to help restrain global warming for our future generations. Use of intermittent renewable energy such as wind turbines and solar PV generation, currently being restrained for system reliability , are now encouraged by proper solutions for not only renewable energy developers but also for grid operators worrying about fluctuation of grid system stability by inflowing of unlimited intermittent power.
Our NAS battery has made an answer for this problem, that is, hybrid system of NAS battery combined with wind turbine generations and with solar PV generations has made possible maximum use of these unlimited power generation resources without producing CO2 by offsetting intermittency by use of sophisticated control of charge-discharge program with our NAS battery.

By applying Beta alumina for its solid electrolyte, the NAS battery is free from secondary reaction due to charge/discharge. In addition, the thermal energy loss caused by internal resistance is used to keep the battery warm. As a result, the NAS battery can obtain high efficiency.
The NAS battery's key technology, Beta alumina solid electrolyte, which NGK developed by making the best use of its ceramic technology, makes the high reliable battery available.

Features of the NAS Battery System

Large capacity by connecting many batteries, several MW system can be easily constructed
Compactness required area for installation is approx. one third of that for a lead acid battery
Life expectancy 15 years
Preservation of the environment no discharging of any pollution gases, no vibrating, low noise

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