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Gas Analyzer | TFN-20D201

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Model TFN-20 NOX-O2 analyzer/transmitter

Model TFN-20 NOX-O2

Model DTN-201 NOX-O2 analyzer/receiver

Model DTN-201 NOX-O2

  • An ideal analyzer for desulfurizing (De-NOX) units because of high-speed response.
    Since the NOX sensor can be directly installed near a flue, the analyzer ensures quick response and is, therefore, optimum for the control of desulfurizing units.
  • Both NOX and O2 measurable at the same time at the same point of measurement.
    A thick membrane type zirconia NOX sensor combining O2 sensor technology, this NOX sensor is capable of measuring both NOX and O2 at the same time.
  • No pretreatment unit required, little maintenance needed.
    This analyzer is simple in structure and requires less maintenance time because a sampling system, such as filters, pumps, catalysts, and dehumidifiers, is not necessary.
  • Almost free of the effects of interference gas.
    Our unique sensor operation principle protects the analyzer from the effects of CO2, H2O, SO2, etc. contained in exhaust gas.
    *Use the model TFN-30D301 for measuring conditions in which NH3 exists.


  • Control and monitoring of NOX at the inlet of desulfurizing units.
  • Monitoring of NOX of exhaust gas at the outlet of boilers.
  • Monitoring of NOX of exhaust gas discharged from cogeneration systems.
  • Monitoring of NOX of exhaust gas discharged from combustion furnaces.
  • Monitoring of NOX of exhaust gas discharged from vessel engines.

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