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Electronic Components Business | Translucent Alumina Ceramics HICERAM

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Ability of Translucent Alumina Ceramics HICERAM

Wide Flexibility of Designs

The material can be formed in a variety of shapes and is applicable to various end piece configurations. This enables our customers to create new tube and bulb designs.


unique forming process

unique forming process

  • Excellent translucency
  • Superior durability against corrosion, abrasion, and thermal shock
  • 8-inch wafer

    8-inch wafer

  • High thermal conductivity
  • High durability against voltage, which comes its high purity

NGK can offer various shapes using HICERAM, like wafer, substrate and tube. And finer & complicated shapes are also available. Recently it is focused as the alternatives for Sapphire.

Material Comparison

  Translucent Alumina Ceramics Sapphire Silica Glass Aluminum Nitride Polycarbonate
Thermal Conductivity
33 41 1 9-180 0.2
Total Ligth Transmittance
95-100 95-100 100 0 90

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