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India/ASEAN Our Agents & Distributors

NGK has plants in Japan, USA and France and a number of distributors in the world that enable us to supply beryllium copper to all over the world.

The products we supply are strip, rod, bar, tube, plate, wire and machined parts of C1720, C17510 and other beryllium copper alloys.

*NGK has distributors in various area in India/ASEAN/Oceania

[India/ASEAN] Location of Distributors and Agents

Country City Strip Rod/Bar Plate
India Mumbai Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Bangalore Check Mark    
Delhi Check Mark    
Chennai Check Mark    
Indonesia Jakarta Check Mark    
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Penang Check Mark    
Philippine Manila Check Mark    
Singapore Singapore Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Thailand Bangkok Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Vietnam Hanoi Check Mark    

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