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Beryllium Copper Products

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EU RoHS Directive Conformance Marking

RoHS Ready EU RoHS Directive Conformance Marking

Our beryllium copper alloy products (plate, coil, bar and wire) comply with EU RoHS Directive. We use a voluntary marking which shows conformance to RoHS on our material certificate and in the catalog of products. Conformance has been confirmed with certified internal standards. * Coverage: our beryllium copper alloy products (plate, coil, bar and wire)

BeCu News

No.4 The use of Beryllium Copper alloy (Strip & Wire)
No.3 Position of beryllium under the REACH Regulation
No.2 RoHS Recast - Abolition of 'the priority 37 substances list'
No.1 Critical raw material for the EU - Beryllium

NGK Metal Business is With You All Over the World

  • A reputed business history of beryllium-related products since1958.
  • Edge to edge quality control and process technology.
  • Reliable supply system by 3-production-bases, (Japan, America, France)
NGK Metal business is with you all over the world NGK Metals Corporation Weblink to Chinese India/ASEAN Our Agents & Distributors NGK Berylco UK NGK DEUTSCHE BERYLCO NGK Berylco Fracce



NGK never uses conflict minerals for tin plating on beryllium copper products or in copper-nickel-tin products according to our basic purchasing policy "NGK Group's Supply-Chain CSR Guideline" as attached below.

Click here for more information Open new windowNGK Group's Supply-Chain CSR Guideline (PDF:147KB)

Note: 'Beryllium Copper' and 'Copper Beryllium' both refer to the same material.
'Beryllium Copper' is commonly used but 'Copper Beryllium' is considered academically correct.

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