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Industrial Heating Systems Business Li-ion battery production process

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Li-ion battery production process Ceramic membrane system Cerallec powder collection system Ceramic membrane system Roller Hearth Kiln Electrode coating/drying furnace


Ceramic membrane system

For refinement of lithium-ion battery raw materials and clarification of electrolyte solution

Ceramic filters that are capable of separating down to minute particles on the submicron level are used in the hydroxylation process for lithium-ion battery materials for purposes including crystallization, concentration,collection of valuable substances, and clarification of the electrolyte solution.

Ceramic membrane system
High corrosion resistance, solvent resistance, and wear resistance
Because the material is fine ceramic, it has excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance,and can be used with a variety of fluid types and fluid temperatures.
High separation performance
Sharp and even pore distribution results in excellent separation performance and high filtering precision (high clarification).
Capable of high concentration
High concentration is made possible by the wide range of circulation flow speed and filtering pressure settings.
Fully automated and maintenance-free
Automatic backwashing and other system maintenance functions allow maintenance-free operation and manpower savings.


Cerallec powder collection system

For collection of lithium-ion battery raw materials from exhaust gases

Cerallec separates solids from gases, and its high performance ceramic filter collects lithium ion battery materials from the high-temperature exhaust gases during initial firing of the cathode material.

Cerallec powder collection system
Because no auxiliary agents are required, fine particles can be collected without contamination by impurities.
Can be used with high-temperature gases.
Because the material is ceramic, it is heat resistant to 900C, and there is no risk of fire.
High durability
Excellent corrosion resistance allows Cerallec to be used with corrosive gases.
High trapping efficiency of 99% or more
There is no loss of collection efficiency caused by expansion of the filter mesh or by material deterioration.
Individual designs for particular gas volumes and gas components
Each system is constructed using a design that is optimized for factors such as gas volume and corrosion prevention.
Requires less than half the installation space of a bag type filter.


Roller Hearth Kiln

For automated lithium-ion battery powder material firing systems

Rapid firing and even heating under controlled atmosphere, including air atmosphere, makes it possible to fire cathode material for lithium-ion batteries, as well as a range of other powder materials.

Roller Hearth Kiln
Atmosphere control technologies
Capable of use in all atmospheres with 02 concentrations from below 50 ppm to 99% or more.
Precision temperature control
Control with optimized heating ranges makes it possible to maintain uniform temperatures inside the furnace.
High productivity
6-row, 2-level transport increases surface area productivity by 1.5 3 times conventional values.
Energy-saving design
The use of a low thermal conductivity insulator and 6-row transport reduces energy consumption by 30% or more.
The use of ceramic components eliminates metal contact. Intrusion of foreign substances is prevented through the use of crank exhaust and retractable shutters.


Electrode coating/drying furnace

For high-quality coating and drying of cathode and anode materials

The electrode coating/drying furnace utilizes a hybrid system of far-infrared heating and hot air for high-quality coating and drying of cathode and anode plates.

Electrode coating/drying furnace
High productivity
The hybrid system combining far-infrared heating and hot air reduces the furnace length to approximately half that of a hot-air furnace.
Energy-saving design
The design is based on thermo-fluid analysis and reduces energy consumption by 30% or more.
Precision temperature control
Control of individual heater temperatures allows even workpiece heating.
Improved coating adhesion
The far-infrared heater promotes drying from the inside of the coating, improving coating adhesion.
Even workpiece heating ensures stable quality.

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