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Release: March 9, 2004
The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated
NGK Insulators Ltd.

Announcement regarding Receiving
the 50th Okochi Memorial Grand Production Prize

THE TOKYO ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY, INCORPORATED (TEPCO; Head Office: Tokyo, Japan; President: Tsunehisa Katsumata) and NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (NGK; Head Office: Nagoya, Japan; President: Shun Matsushita) announced that today, two companies jointly received the 50th (FY 2003) Okochi Memorial Grand Production Prize for their "development and practical application of sodium sulfur battery (NAS Battery) for power storage" from the Okochi Memorial Foundation.

This prize was awarded based on the proprietary technologies of both companies and carries with it a reputation of advanced work in NAS Battery application as follows.

  1. Technology to ensure high reliability and long-term durability of key components
  2. Technology to reduce costs in mass production
  3. Technology to maintain durability and safety during long-term use as a facility

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