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Release: January 24, 2001

NGK Enters the Market for Gasification-Melting Furnace

NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (President: Masaharu Shibata, Head Office: Nagoya, Japan) has completed field tests of the next generation waste treatment process, fluidized bed gasification-melting furnace, and is now ready to aggressively enter the market for waste processing.

Field testing of the fluidized bed gasification-melting furnace was jointly carried out with the South Ena District Sanitary Affairs Association (SEDSAA). NGK invested approx. 2 billion yen to build a pilot plant with a treatment capacity of 25 tons per day in Akechi-cho, Gifu Prefecture, and field tests started in October 1999. In December 2000, Japan Waste Research Foundation certified that the NGK gasification-melting furnace is a superior technology for waste treatment. NGK will turn over the test facility to SEDSAA in April 2001 for full operation by SEDSAA.

In field tests, the system was operated a total of 240 days, including a continuous 30-day operation. Ordinary municipal solid waste as well as sewage sludge and scrap tires were used in the tests, and long, stable operation was proved. In addition, we achieved dioxin levels of 0.0042 ng-TEQ/m3N which is far below 0.1 ng-TEQ/m3N (measured at stack, corrected to 12 percent oxygen), the standard value of the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare. Furthermore, in collaboration with SEDSAA and Gifu Prefecture, NGK is researching efficiently turning molten slag into permeable blocks and aggregates.

NGK plans marketing efforts to stimulate orders and is targeting more than 5 billion yen total sales. NGK will expand its waste treatment related businesses aiming at more than 10 billion yen sales in FY 2002 from refuse derived fuel (RDF) processing systems, carbonization systems, the recycle plaza and landfill leachate treatment systems, as well as the gasification-melting furnace.

Fluidized bed gasification-melting furnace

Combustible waste is gasified in a 450°C to 600°C gasification furnace then, utilizing the emitted gas, the unburned residue is melted into slag at 1200°C to 1450°C. The NGK Fluidized Bed Gasification-Melting Furnace has the following properties: 1. Stable treatment is possible for a wide range of refuse; 2. High temperature melting enables the reduction of hazardous emissions including dioxins; 3. Superior heat efficiency and reduced exhaust gas emissions enable a more compact air pollution control system; 4. Utilizing proprietary high-strength castable refractory in the furnace enables long durability; 5. NGK's proprietary furnace is separated into vertically swirling and sloping sections which enables the efficient collection of high quality slag; 6. Non-oxidized, high quality, and high value resources such as iron and non-ferrous metals can be retrieved; and 7. Specialized operational expertise is not required.

The fluidized bed gasification-melting furnace

The fluidized bed gasification-melting furnace

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