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Providing Products that Contribute to Better
Social Environment

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Basic Approach

The NGK Group engages in the creation of quality from the customer's perspective by defining Quality Objectives each year in accordance with the Quality Policy based on the NGK Group Guidelines for Corporate Behavior.

Quality Policy

NGK is dedicated to quality and committed to providing valuable products and services that are trusted by our customers and respected by society.

Quality Objective 2017

Recognize the importance and expand our knowledge of risk elimination to meet customer's Quality Expectations.

Structures and Systems

NGK's quality activity system has a two-level structure, consisting of an overall group-wide system and a system for each business division. The group-wide system is managed under the leadership of the chair of the Quality Committee, a deliberation body. Divisional systems are established and managed so as to suit the situations of each business line under the leadership of division heads. Additionally, we have acquired ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certification to strengthen activities for quality assurance, quality control, quality improvement, quality education and other themes.

Quality Management System Acquisition Status (March 2017)

The NGK Group quality management system has acquired 35 certifications (ISO9001 or TS16949) covering 100% of production bases in Japan and overseas.

InitiativesMore details and related data are available from the NGK Report 2017 (PDF).

- NGK Group Quality Activity Rules

- Creating quality systems and conducting quality activities at overseas production bases

- QuiC Activities to Improve Quality with Full Employee Participation

- Strengthening quality education through offering more practical programs
  to address specific issues.

Quality Improvement Activities at NGK Ceramics Suzhou Co., Ltd. (China)

NGK Ceramics Suzhou launched a commendation system, which has contributed to quality improvement as well as to increase employee motivation for engaging in quality activities. Quality-related performance is scored for each employee on a monthly basis by giving points for contributions to quality improvement and taking away points for negative contributions, particularly for causing defects. The award is offered to the best scorers in each process.

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