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Under a philosophy that NGK products and technologies must create new value and contribute to the quality of life, NGK has constantly sought to develop and supply products that can contribute to a more steadfast social foundation and protect the natural environment. By fusing key materials such as porous ceramics, functional ceramics and ceramics for use as structural material together with our unique molding, firing, processing and evaluation technologies, we strive to create groundbreaking products that leverage the full potential of ceramics.
In order to demonstrate the best performance as a global company that could compete in the world, each NGK member must be highly motivated, constantly embrace challenges, and improve their individual ability. With the passion and pride toward manufacturing, we refine our knowledge, skills and techniques to get through the fierce global competition as a unified team. Meanwhile, we at NGK also relish the challenge of tackling the many thorny issues the world faces in relation to energy and the environment.In addition to our long track record in sectors such as energy, ecology and electronics, we are eager to use these new ventures to further expand our operations into new and uncharted fields.Indeed, we remain dedicated to applying our state-of-the-art technologies quickly and innovatively to meet popular demand for environmental protection and solid support for people's livelihoods and industries.
At the same time, we will further enhance corporate governance and compliance structures to heighten management transparency and autonomy as a member of the global community.
To strengthen the supervision and monitoring functions of the Board of Directors, which plays a central role in the realization of this management mission, NGK established new committee structures, including a Nomination and Compensation Advisory Committee, a Corporate Council, Conference of Outside Directors and Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members and a Business Ethics Committee, etc., in best effort to further enhance our corporate governance system.
We ask for your continued support in these and future efforts.

Taku Oshima

Taku Oshima


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