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  5. No.21 (Dec.1997)

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No.21 (Dec.1997)


  • Investigation of Single Unit Flashovers in HVDC Insulator Strings
  • Study on Electrical Strength of Suspension Insulators in Steep Impulse Voltage RangeImproved Corona Characteristics of Partially Semiconducting Glazed Suspension Insulators for Use at High Altitudes
  • Study on Performance of Semiconducting Glazed Insulators under Simulated Desert Contamination Conditions
  • Voltage and Temperature, Distribution along Semiconducting Glaze Insulator String
  • Assessment of Basic Contamination Withstand Voltage Characteristics of Polymer Insulators
  • Time Variation of Hydrophobicity and Weight of Silicone Rubber Immersed in Water
  • Experience with IEC 1109 1000h Salt Fog Ageing Test for Composite Insulators
  • Field Test Results of Polymer Insulators
  • Comparative Contamination Degrees on Porcelain and Silicone Rubber Insuators in Fields
  • Effect of Humidity on Flashover Voltage of Insulators
  • Application Effect of Transmission Line Arresters to Tower with High Footing Resistance
  • Field Experience of Line Arresters in TEPCO
  • Application of Gapless Arrester in Gas Insulated Line Switch
  • Remote Sensing System for System for Faulty Insulator Units

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