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Analysis / Basic Technology

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Development of Basic Technologies

Entering into the realm of nano from micro - aiming for innovation in materials
NGK makes no compromise when it comes to the ceramic material technology. Superior ceramic material technologies, which are the backbone of expanding businesses, are supported by advanced basic technologies of ceramic materials such as analysis and evaluation.

Chemical Analysis

We respond quickly to in-house requests for chemical analysis with efforts to achieve automation, high accuracy and high efficiency. We are also involved in standardization of material analysis methods in the ceramics industry, making a contribution in both academic and industrial arenas.

Physical Analysis

In response to in-house requests, we carry out surface analysis of new materials and analysis of unknown phenomena; thereby offering solutions to problems, which occur in the research and development process. In addition, we create the latest analysis technologies and share the information with those outside of the company.

Materials Analysis

Through the analysis requested in-house, we strive to enhance the quality and speed of our research and development process by establishing and upgrading technologies of mechanical and thermal analysis, which are important in developing materials. We also work actively on establishing the technology to evaluate products by adopting the latest non-destructive evaluation technology such as X-ray computed tomography.

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