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Semiconducting Glaze (SCG) Insulator (DURASSTOR®)

NGK supply Suspension (Disk), Line Post and Station Post Insulators coated with semiconducting glaze.

Semiconducting Glaze (SCG) Insulator (DURASSTOR®)
  • Tin-oxide system glaze including niobium oxide
  • Current flowing through semiconducting glaze
    » Surface drying effect by Joule's heat
    » Uniform (resistive) voltage distribution

When contaminated surface is moistened, leakage current flows in wetted contaminant. And then non-uniform current density forms dry band.

Semicoducting Glaze Insulator

Semicoducting Glaze Insulator 1 Semicoducting Glaze Insulator 2

Ordinary Glaze Insulator

Ordinary Glaze Insulator

Partial arc at dry band

» Radio & TV noise Overall Flashover


  • Excellent Anti-Contamination Performance: Withstand voltage of SCG insulators is higher than that of polymer and ceramic insulators.
  • Excellent Corona Suppression Characteristics: No corona discharge even in heavy contamination condition.
  • Long Term Performance confirmed by service experience.
Contamination Test

Contamination Test

161kV Transmission Line

161kV Transmission Line

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