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Porcelain Insulators | Hollow Insulators

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Basic design and materials of NGK polymer hollow insulators are illustrated in the following sketch.

RTV silicon rubber containing ATH is adopted for insulator housing. This has superior performance in weather-ability, anti-tracking and anti-erosion. These characteristics result in the excellent performance under the evaluation by Class 4.5 kV defined IEC 60587 and IEC 61462, IEC 61109 Annex C.

Test & Standard

NGK polymer hollow insulators are designed according to IEC 61462 and type tested successfully.

Applicable standard:

  • IEC 616742
  • IEEE 693
  • NEMA SG4
Test Condition Result
NEMA SG4 standard test Cyclic pressure test 0 <-> MSP, 45000 cycles at 90°C and 5000 cycles at -40°C Pass
Burst pressure test Burst pressure at 90°C

The quality of our insulators is verified through following endurance tests

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