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Line Arrester

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NGK Line Arrester is advanced solution for lightning protection of over-head transmission lines. It protects insulators on the transmission tower from lightning strike to the tower or the shielding wire, within a half cycle. Therefore, no service interruption can be expected.

The solution with line arrester for over-head transmission lines is proven technology in Japan and some another countries with lightning problem. More than 70,000 sets are in service in this 15 years, and contribute to improvement of power supply quality.

The followings are outstanding features of NGK Line Arresters.
  • External Gap Type to ensure compact design, excellent reliability and free of maintenance
  • Zinc Oxide for current interrupting device
  • Polymeric Housing (Silicone Rubber) for light weight and easier handling
  • Pressure Relief Mechanism in case of arrester failure

Typical expected lightning performance, operating principal, applications in service, structure of arrester unit and characteristics etc. are provided for further detailed information.

Brochure:NGK Release No.105

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