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What are Piezoceramics ?

Ceramic Microactuators

Features of Piezoceramics

  1. Low power consumption
  2. Compact dimensions
  3. High speed
  4. Powerful

Piezoceramics have broad applications in the automotive, electronics (e.g., televisions, PCs, digital cameras, mobile phones) and medical fields, among others. Based on high-performance materials and superior production techniques, NGK provides unique, high-quality piezoceramic actuators.


  • Materials
    Optimizing composition and microstructure to achieve high-performance piezoelectric materials

    Examples of materials and parameters:
    Soft PZT: piezoelectric coefficient d33 = 400~640 pm/V
    Hard PZT: mechanical quality factor Qm = 2200~2500

  • Manufacturing technologies
    NGK provides high-performance actuators via tape casting, screen printing, and tape lamination techniques. Using high-precision molding techniques, NGK also produces precise three-dimensional microscopic ceramic structures.

Product lineup

Ceramic Microactuators for Inkjet Printer Heads

Ceramic Microactuator for Ink-jet Printer Heads

Microceramic actuators based on the piezoelectric effect have attracted much interest as a key component of color inkjet printer heads.more

Cantilever-Type Ceramic Microactuators

Cantilever type Ceramic Microactuator

These cantilever micro ceramic actuators consist of high-strength zirconia ceramic vibrating plates and piezoelectric film.more

Piezo Actuator Arrays

Piezo Actruator Arrays

Piezo actuator arrays are formed by integrating extremely small functional elements that have the properties and characteristics of piezoelectric ceramics, including large generative force and high responsiveness.more

Laminated Piezo Actuators

Laminated piezo Actuators

These small, low power consumption actuators rely on the capabilities offered by laminating techniques of ultra-thin piezoelectric ceramic elements.more


Inkjet printers

  • Micropumps

Digital cameras

  • Autofocus mechanisms
  • Zooming mechanisms
  • Optical image stabilizer

Fuel cells

  • Micropumps

Electronic device cooling mechanisms

  • Blast fans


  • Dual-stage actuators

Semiconductor production equipment

  • Micropositioners


  • Optical switches
  • RF switches
  • Ultrasonic cleaners
  • Medical ultrasonic transducers
  • Acoustic components

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