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Ceramic Microactuators | Cantilever Type Ceramic Microactuators

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What are Cantilever-Type Ceramic Microactuators?

NGK's Cantilever-Type Ceramic Microactuators integrate high-strength zirconia ceramic and piezoelectric thin films.

Cantilever type Ceramic Microactuator

Features of Cantilever-Type Ceramic Microactuators

  • High shock resistance
    Integration of piezoelectric ceramic and tough thin plates (zirconia ceramic, metal, engineering plastic) results in piezoelectric actuators with high shock resistance.
  • High durability
    A structure free of organic adhesives (in the case of zirconia ceramic thin plates) ensures high durability.
  • High cleanliness (low particle emissions, low outgassing)
    Design and materials result in low particle and gas emissions—ideal for demanding HDD applications.

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