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Ceramic Microactuators | Laminated Piezo Actuators

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NGK has developed proprietary microceramic technologies that enable the configuration of multiple ultra-thin piezoelectric ceramic elements, which expand and contract when a voltage is applied. These small, precise, high-displacement laminated piezo actuators are ideal for precise positioning applications and as transducers for ultrasonic motors.


  • Compact dimensions and high performance
    Actuators based on superior piezoelectric materials and precise manufacturing techniques enable high performance in compact dimensions.
    Ideal for use in cameras as actuators in autofocusing, zooming, and image stabilizing mechanisms.

Actuators for inertial drive ultrasonic motors

■ Product examples

■ Layer structure

■ Operating principle

A movable body is driven vertically along a drive shaft by piezoelectric actuator using repeated stick-and-slip frictional forces that push slowly and pull rapidly or push rapidly and pull slowly.

Actuators for compound-resonance ultrasonic motors

■ Product examples

■ Layer structure

■ Operating principle

A slider is driven horizontally by repeated impact imparted by two driving elements that vibrate obliquely according to longitudinal and bending resonances simultaneously generated in an actuator body.

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