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Beryllium Copper Products

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Social Infrastructure System

Wherever society is being developed, Beryllium Copper provides reliability and performance.

Social Infrastructure System
Typical Applications Area Applied Components BeCu Strip & Wrought Fabricated Products Beryllium Molds Business
Rod Bar / Plate Electrode Mechanical Parts Tools Ferrous Molds
Power Plant Non-Sparking Tool         Check Mark Check Mark  
Power Generator Turbine Components   Check Mark          
Oil, Gas, Chemical Plant Non-Sparking Tool         Check Mark    
Energy Transportation Welders for Pipe Line Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark        
Medical Equipment Non-Magnetic Tool         Check Mark    
Steel Containers Welder for Drum Can Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark        
Plastic Container & Bottle Injection & Blow Mold Check Mark Check Mark         Check Mark
Drilling Equipment Mechanical Parts Check Mark     Check Mark      

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