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November 8, 2010

No.1 Critical raw material for the EU - Beryllium

Recently, the European Commission announced "Critical raw material for te EU". The EU experts under mineral resources strategy selected 14 (fourteen) raw materials based on the analysis of "Economic Importance", "Supply Risk" and "Environmental Risk".

Critical raw material for the EU

  1. 1) Antimony
  2. 2) Beryllium
  3. 3) Cobalt
  4. 4) Fluorspar
  5. 5) Gallium
  6. 6) Germanium
  7. 7) Graphite
  8. 8) Indium
  9. 9) Magnesium
  10. 10) Niobium
  11. 11) PGMs
  12. 12) Rare earth
  13. 13) Tantalum
  14. 14) Tungsten

Beryllium copper (BeCu) is an outstanding alloy that combines desirable properties such as high strength, high electrical conductivity and excellent formability. BeCu alloys are used in a wide range of demanding applications from electronic connectors, IC sockets, switches, relays, micro motors to a variety of automotive, consumer, and industrial products.

The EU experts have again recognized that beryllium is vital to the EU economy, and that substitution is difficult to achieve and have positioned beryllium as one of the most critical raw materials. From the results of the mineral resource survey, there are no fears of restriction or supply instability of beryllium. Our company will keep supplying BeCu alloys to the market; as a result, contribute to sustainable development of the global society.

Critical raw material for the EU

Source:Open new windowEUROPA - Press Releases - Report lists 14 critical mineral raw materials

Docment No.: E2-10071-R0

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No.1 Critical raw material for the EU - Beryllium

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