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Release: April 28, 2016

Listing Code: 5333
Stock Exchange Listings: Tokyo and Nagoya
Representative: Taku Oshima (Mr.)
Contact: Hideaki Shindo (Mr.)
General Manager
Finance & Accounting Department
(TEL: +81-52-872-7230)

Notice Regarding Acquisition of Own Shares
(Acquisition of own shares pursuant to the provisions of Article 165, Paragraph 2 of the Company Law)

NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (NGK) hereby announces that, at the meeting of the board of directors held on April 28, 2016, it was resolved the acquisition of own shares based on Article 156 of the Company Law, which is applicable in accordance with Article 165, Paragraph 3 of the same law, as below.

1. Reason for the Acquisition of Own Shares

To improve capital efficiency and enable NGK to flexibly exercise its capital policy in response to the changing managerial environment.

2. Details of the Acquisition

(1) Types of shares to be acquired Shares of common stock
(2) Total numbers of shares to be acquired Up to 10 million shares
(3.06% of the total number of outstanding shares excluding treasury shares)
(3) Total value of shares to be acquired Up to 20 billion yen
(4) Acquisition period From May 2, 2016 to June 28, 2016
(5) Acquisition method

Market purchases

I. Purchase through Off-Auction Own Share
Repurchase Trading (N-NET3) of the Nagoya Stock Exchange
II. Purchase in the market through a trust bank

(For reference)
Treasury stocks as of March 31, 2016

Total numbers of outstanding shares (excluding treasury shtocks) 326,578,807 shares
Number of treasury stocks 981,389 shares

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PDFNotice Regarding Acquisition of Own Shares (PDF:60KB)

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