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Release: March 22, 2005

NGK Completes Waste Treatment Facility, Aichi's First PFI Project

NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (President & COO: Shun Matsushita; Head Office: Nagoya, Aichi, Japan) and four other private companies completed the "Tahara Recycle Center: Tanseikan" under a private finance initiative (PFI; private investment in public projects) contract with Tahara City and Atsumi Town (Aichi Prefecture), which is the first PFI project in the prefecture. A completion ceremony will be held at the site on March 25.

Based on Tahara and Atsumi's "Project of Maintaining and Improving New Recycle Center (tentative name)," the "Tahara Recycle Center: Tanseikan" was constructed under the first PFI agreement in Aichi Prefecture. The facility will produce carbide by recycling general waste, emitted from the both city (Tahara) and town (Atsumi), with a fluidized bed carbonization system.

"Green Site Japan Co., Ltd.", a special purpose company (SPC), established by five private companies including NGK, will be in charge of the whole line of business including funding, designing, building, managing, operating, maintaining and selling the carbide. On a build operate transfer (BOT) basis, Green Site Japan builds and owns the recycle center but will sell its ownership to Tahara and Atsumi after the company's 15 years of operation, management and maintenance.

The contract was made with Tahara City in December 2002, the construction started in October 2003 and trial operation has been started since January 2005 using the domestic combustible waste collected from the city and town. A completion ceremony is to be held at the site on March 25, 2005, and the center is schedule to be in full operation from April 1, 2005 operated by the company until March 2020.

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Outline of the "Tahara Recycle Center: Tanseikan"

1. Location:
2-2-91 Midorigahama, Tahara, Aichi, Japan (Site area: 11,700 m2)
2. Recycling Object:
Domestic combustible waste and domestic burnable oversize waste discharged in Tahara City and Atsumi Town
3. Treating System and Feature:
A fluidized bed carbonization system
  • produces high-quality carbide;
  • controls carbide composition (combustible material);
  • compact facility;
  • easy to operate and maintain with no driving member in a carbonization furnace;
  • safe and easy to start up and stop the facility.
4. Capacity:
60 tons/day (30 tons/day X 2)
5. Quantity of Treatment:
approx. 16,000 tons/year (an estimated figure)
6. Production of Carbide:
Production Quantity:approx. 1,200 tons/year (an estimated figure)
Purpose of Use:sell as the alternative fuel to coke used for steelmalking in an electric furnace or as the alternative heat insulator
7. Business Scale:
approx. 10 billion yen

About a Nickname "Tanseikan" and Mascot "Tansei-kun

In order to raise awareness of the Tahara Recycle Center which sets a precedent for a waste treatment facility under PFI scheme in Japan, its nickname and mascot was decided among many ideas provided from the public nationwide. The nickname, "Tanseikan," means a facility ("kan" in Japanese) where carbide ("tan") is produced ("sei") from garbage and also means to create carbide full-heartedly ("Tansei"). As for a mascot's design, an image of an arrow refers to recycling resources by generating carbide out of garbage, and an image of a windmill refers to wind power generation as Tahara is promoting its installation from ecological consideration.

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Overview of Green Site Japan Co., Ltd.

1. Foundation:
August 2002
2. Paid-in Capital:
400 million yen
3. Investing Companies:
NGK Insulator, Ltd., Taisei Corporation (President " Representative Director:
Kanji Hayama;Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
UFJ Central Leasing Co., Ltd. (President " CEO: Kazuyoshi Tanaka; Head Office: Nagoya, Aichi),
Techno Chubu Company Ltd. (President: Sanji Ito; Head Office: Nagoya, Aichi)
Chubu Steel Plate Co., Ltd. (President: Kenichiro Narita; Head Office: Nagoya, Aichi)
4. Location:
2-2-91 Midorigahama, Tahara, Aichi, Japan
5. Representative Executive:
Yoshiaki Miyazaki
6. Business:
Designing, building, managing, operating and maintaining the center, and selling the carbide
7. Respective businesses:
The above five companies form a consortium combining each other's know-how and make a joint investment in Green Site Japan. They are respectively entrusted with following business by Green Site Japan.
NGK Insulators, Ltd.: design and construction of plant facilities, and management, operation and maintenance of the center
Taisei Corporation: design and construction of building equipment, and management, operation and maintenance of the center
UFJ Central Leasing Co., Ltd.: financial advice and accountant's business
Techno Chubu Company Ltd.: environmental assessment and measurement analysis
Chubu Steel Plate Co., Ltd.: use of carbide, recycle of collected metals

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Outline of Private Finance Initiative

  • A new method to build, operate, maintain and manage public facilities utilizing private sector's funds, management skills and technology. This method is used in the cases where public services can be provided more efficiently and effectively by private sector rather than national or local governments, aiming at reducing the public expenditure and delivering higher-quality public services.
  • In July 1999, the Maintenance and Improvement of Public Facilities via Private Finance (the PFI Law) was enacted in Japan. In March 2000, basic PFI project guidelines describing an idea of PFI and methods of its implementation was drafted by the prime minister after deliberations of the Committee to Promote Activities Utilizing Private Sector Funds (the PFI Promotion Committee), setting a framework of a PFI project.
External View of Tahara Recycle Center: Tanseikan

External View of "Tahara Recycle Center: Tanseikan"

Location of "Tahara Recycle Center: Tanseikan"
(Click for a larger image.)

Mascot: "Tansei-kun"

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