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Release: December 9, 2004

The "Mountain of Dreams" at EXPO 2005 AICHI, Original Zone "NGK Water Lab" Outline & Science Caravan

NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (President & COO: Shun Matsushita; Head Office: Nagoya, Japan) will participate in the "Mountain of Dreams" joint pavilion at the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi, Japan with six other companies, presenting the "NGK Water Lab" as live theater under the theme of "Water." The "Science Caravan" will be performed as a pre-"NGK Water Lab" project.

1. "NGK Water Lab" Live Theater

Based on the theme of "Water," this science show combines 3-D images on screen with a live performance on stage. The setting for this show is the laboratory (Lab) of "Doc Water," a professor of water, who knows everything about water. Visitors can learn about the water cycle that nurtures all life, as they watch scientific experiments demonstrating the amazing properties of water coupled with spectacular 3-D images. (Seating capacity: 118; running time: 10 minutes)

  • Spectacular 3-D Images Bursting from Four Screens
    3-D images appear on four screens (front, both sides, and ceiling) in the theater. Visitors wearing special glasses will experience virtual reality that makes them a part of the image. Spectacularly realistic 3-D images of natural phenomena such as massive flood approaching audiences, shining diamond dust, lightning, tornadoes and water, which is moving around the globe changing its state among vapor, liquid and ice, will surely excite audiences as they burst from the screens in front of their eyes.
  • Water Science Show
    At the front of the stage, Doc Water will be performing experiments to demonstrate the surprising properties of water: freezing in the blink of an eye, creating clouds and diamond dust. Taking the phenomena happening inside a cloud as the main example, the show will impart to visitors knowledge of the water cycle whereby water's state is changed from vapor to liquid and ice. Some audiences can actually feel the water as they are suddenly shrouded in mist.
  • Combined Live Show & 3-D Images
    A new type of live performance will be presented through various expressions created by combining reality (Doc Water) with virtuality (3-D video images). The synthesis of these 3-D images and Doc Water's rhythmic dance and mime will fill the stage with great excitement and fascinate the audiences.

2. "NGK Water Lab Science Caravan": Pre- Event Project

NGK will conduct "NGK Water Lab Science Caravan" as a pre-event project; having the "Wonder-of-Water Experiment" classes at elementary schools and science museums at five locations nationwide from December 2004 to February 2005. NGK's employee will demonstrate the science experiments which are planned to be conducted at "NGK Water Lab"; teaching the amazing properties of water and the water cycle as well as publicizing "2005 EXPO AICHI" and "NGK Water Lab."

Schedule of "NGK Water Lab Science Caravan"
  1. December 14, 2004 Barato Elementary School, Sapporo, Hokkaido Pref
  2. January 16, 2005 Fukuoka Science Museum, Kurume, Fukuoka Pref
  3. February 4, 2005 Neno Elementary School, Akitakata, Hiroshima Pref
  4. February 13, 2005 Kurashiki Science Center at Life Park Kurashiki, Kurashiki, Okayama Pref
  5. February 19, 2005 Shizuoka Science Museum "Rukuru", Shizuoka, Shizuoka Pref
Contents of the "Wonder-of-Water Experiment" Class
With the experiments demonstrating the curious properties of water, NGK's employee, taking the phenomena happening inside a cloud as the main example, will explain the water cycle (a change of water's state among vapor, liquid and ice) in a way easy to understand.
  • Creating clouds from invisible water vapor;
  • freezing water in an instant;
  • creating diamond dust, etc.

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3. Objectives of the Exhibition at "2005 EXPO AICHI"

Water, by its amazing nature, forms and protects the environment on the Earth which is often called "the Water Planet", and nurtures Earth's many forms of life. Although only 0.01% of Earth's water is suitable for human uses, continuous cycling through its various forms ensures that it always remains available.
NGK's water-related business, which is vital for our every-day life, ranges from home-use water purifiers to water supply and sewage treatment systems. To share the excitement of science, NGK, as a manufacturing company, has been contributing a serial article, "NGK SCIENCE SITE: At-Home Experiments", since 1997 in Newton, the science magazine. It is NGK's wish to inspire children's curiosity about science and technology by simple experiments and handicrafts introduced in the articles.
NGK also hopes that our "NGK Water Lab" will stir up these future leaders' interest in nature and science by science experiments concerning water. Moreover, it is NGK's hope that this exhibit will provide an opportunity to deepen visitors' understanding about NGK as a water-related company.

Reference Information on the "Mountain of Dreams" Joint Pavilion

Exhibit Location:
Nagakute Area (Nagakute Town, Aichi Prefecture) Corporate Pavilion Zone B
Exhibiting Companies:
Theme Zone(a joint exhibition by four companies) Sekisui House, Ltd., The Chunichi Shimbun,Chubu-Nippon
Broadcasting Co., Ltd., & Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Original Zone(separate exhibits by three companies)
Shachihata Inc., Brother Industries, Ltd., & NGK Insulators, Ltd.
Common Theme:
he Power of the 21st Century
NGK Water Lab Live Show

Image of "NGK Water Lab" Live Show

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Doc Water

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