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Release: November 26, 2003

Expo 2005 AICH JAPAN
NGK Presentation Theme "Water"

In the 2005 World Exposition Aichi Japan, NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (NGK; President: Shun Matsushita, Head Office: Nagoya, Japan) will give their exhibition, themed "water" in the JOINT PAVILION Produced by The Chunichi Shimbun (tentative name) with 6 other participants from the private sector. NGK's presentation house (300-square-meter floor space) will be located in the Original Zone of the pavilion. There will be a live theater show presenting the world's largest class of immersive 3D vision.

In EXPO 2005 AICHI JAPAN, NGK presents live theater, where you can have a great time while being educated about water. You use water every day and take it for granted, but we hope that you will realize that it is actually an important substance full of natural wonders. The environment on the Earth is referred to as "the Water Planet", as water forms, protects and nurtures all life by its amazing nature. NGK's water business is widespread from water purifier production for home-use to clean water and sewage treatment. Therefore, our presentation is aimed at giving visitors the opportunity to think about water and to realize how wonderful and valuable it is. We also hope that NGK will be recognized as a household name in connection to water.

In addition, as a manufacturing company, we believe that it is important to educate children about the fact that science can be both fascinating and wondrous. As a part of the activity, we are promoting a monthly serial (since 1997), "NGK SCIENCE SITE: At-Home Experiments". You can find out more about our Science Site as featured in Newton, a science magazine. We hope to inspire children's curiosity about science and technology by simple experiments and handicrafts introduced in the articles. Our "water" presentation in this exposition should reach these future leaders as well as gain their interest in nature and science.

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TITLE : NGK Water Lab


1) A theater that combines the world's largest class immersive 3D vision with a live show

The scene is in Dr. Water's laboratory. The audience visits the lab and takes part in his experiments. With the doctor's guidance, they experience the wonders of water and rediscover facts about water circulation as well as the value of nature.
The facilities have been designed with minimum possible impact on the environment. e.g. using recycled equipment from educational institutions for audience seating.

One of the world's largest immersive 3D theaters

  • Newly developed with 4 screens; the front, the sides and the front ceiling are approximately 250 square meters in total.
  • Stereoscopic glasses enable the audience to experience virtual reality as if actually inside the screen
  • The surprising nature of water is represented with vivid images of objects jumping out from the screen; you can almost touch them!
  • Designed to be the world's largest class of immersive 3D theater.

A variety of representations with a live show as well as screen images

  • A stage is set up in the front of the theater.
  • The new performance combines reality, with an actor playing the role of Dr. Water; with fiction, using 3D images.

Water tricks

  • Prepare for a pleasantly surprising experience with virtual water. You can almost feel like you are immersed in water of all different forms. For example, mist will suddenly appear over the audience.

Interactive stage performance

  • Dr. Water's dance and pantomime act warms up the show and unites the stage with the audience.

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2)Waiting in line to perform scientific experiments

Many experiments, including water, are available while waiting to enter the theater.

3)Science show in open space

science show is being planned in the open area of the pavilion on holidays for the duration of the exposition (about 5 days).

4)Other activities before and after the exposition

Additional events are being considered, such as time capsules preserving pictures and messages.

Reference: Information about the JOINT PAVILION

Location :
Corporate Pavilion Zone 2 in Nagakute Area, Nagakute-cho, Aichi, Japan
LDimensions :
Lot area - 3000 square meters, total floor space - 2000 square meters
LProject Cost :
Approx. 2.5 billion yen
Participants :
Theme Zone (a collaborated project with the following 4 companies) Sekisui House, Ltd. The Chunichi Shimbun Chubu-nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Original Zone (individual projects by the next 3 companies) Shachihata Inc. Brother Industries, Ltd. NGK Insulators, Ltd.
inside the theater(illustration)

Image of inside the theater (illustration)

inside the theater(a picture of the model)

Image of inside the theater
(a picture of the model)

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