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Release: September 18, 2003

NGK's Diesel Particulate Filter Selected for Small-Sized Trucks of the Toyota Motor Corporation and Hino Motors, Ltd.

NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (NGK; President: Shun Matsushita, Head Office: Nagoya, Japan) announced that NGK's diesel particulate filter has been selected for use in two- to three-ton class small-sized trucks which were jointly developed by the Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota; President: Fujio Cho, Head Office: Aichi, Japan) and Hino Motors Ltd. (Hino; President: Tadaaki Jagawa, Head Office: Tokyo, Japan). The diesel particulate filters will be used in the world-first DPNR (Diesel Particulate-NOx Reduction system)-installed commercial vehicles, specific newly-added versions of Dyna, Toyoace and Dutro (available since October 1st), as well as the world-first small-sized hybrid trucks equipped with the DPR (Diesel Particulate active Reduction system) (available since November 1st).

The diesel particulate filter is a component that almost completely eliminates particulate matter (PM) contained in exhaust gas from diesel engines. In Japan, diesel emission regulations will become significantly more stringent with the introduction of new long-term regulations expected to take effect in 2005, following sooner short-term regulations which are to be enforced in October 2003. Specifically, PM emission control is supposed to be tightened substantially. The needs for diesel particulate filters are expected to grow in order to achieve compliance with these new long-term regulations.

Toyota's DPNR system for purification of exhaust emissions from diesel engines contains NGK's diesel particulate filter coated with Toyota's three-way catalyst with NOx storage reduction function. The system continuously reduces a substantial amount of not only PM, but also NOx contained in diesel exhaust emissions. Based on cordierite, porous ceramic material, which has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and superior thermal shock resistance, we have made such improvements as optimizing the porosity and pore size distribution for the DPNR, aimed at the high PM filtration efficiency and the low pressure drop.

The diesel particulate filter has been used in the DPNR system-equipped "Avensis", a medium-sized sedan for the European market, and has been tested by Toyota since March 2002. Our diesel particulate filter has been selected as a world-first in the commercial use of DPNR system-equipped vehicles. In addition, NGK's diesel particulate filter is used for another world-first in small-sized hybrid trucks equipped with the DPR system which drastically reduces PM.

NGK has many years' experience in HONEYCERAM, a cordierite-made substrate for catalytic converters for the purification of exhaust in gasoline-powered vehicles, which has now reached over 500 million units accumulated production. We utilize our experience in the development of diesel particulate filters in close cooperation with automakers and catalyst manufacturers to achieve technological differentiation and the expansion of business.

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