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Release: March 6, 2002

NGK's Diesel Particulate Filter Selected for
Toyota's DPNR®- Installed Monitoring Vehicle

NGK Insulators, Ltd. (NGK; President: Masaharu Shibata, Head Office: Nagoya, Aichi) announced that Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota; President: Fujio Cho, Head Office: Toyota, Aichi) has selected NGK's diesel particulate filters for its DPNR-installed monitoring vehicles, launching in Europe in March, 2002. DPNR, or Diesel Particulate-NOx Reduction System, is Toyota's exhaust gas purification system for diesel engines. Jointly developed by Toyota, Cataler Corporation (Cataler; President: Satoshi Nakagawa, Head Office: Ogasa, Shizuoka) and NGK, the special diesel particulate filters for the system are supposed to be employed in Toyota's DPNR-installed vehicles.

DPNR is an innovative exhaust gas purification system that continuously and simultaneously purifies harmful substances, such as soot-like particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxide (NOx), contained in the exhaust gas of diesel-powered vehicles. The special diesel particulate filter is the porous ceramic substrate used in DPNR catalytic converter. The filter is coated with NOx storage catalyst, which oxidizes PM, developed by Toyota and Cataler, and then is built in the system.

This is an improved version of the cordierite-made diesel particulate filter that NGK has already mass-produced. The porosity and pore size distribution have been optimized in order to offer high purification performance in combination with newly developed NOx storage catalyst. NGK has already established mass-production technology, and will expand production in response to rising demand for Toyota's DPNR-installed vehicles.

Left-Diesel particulate filters for DPNR Substrate Right-catalyst-coated product

Diesel particulate filters for
DPNR Substrate

Left-Diesel particulate filters for DPNR Substrate Right-catalyst-coated product

catalyst-coated product"

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