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Release: December 18, 2000


NGK Insulators, Ltd. (President: Masaharu Shibata, Head Office: Nagoya, Japan) has issued its "Environmental Report 2000" which covers NGK's commitment to environmental conservation for fiscal year 1999.

NGK's goal is to continuously be an excellent company based on global standards and we believe that it is essential for NGK to make a first class effort to solve environmental problems.
NGK's "Environmental Protection Committee" was established in 1972 and has taken a far-ranging approach to environmental issues. In 1996, we adopted NGK's core policy on the environment. Specific action guidelines and promotion systems have been formulated to contribute to the resolution of global environmental issues through our work in the "Triple E" areas: Ecology, Energy and Electronics. In 1999, our major production bases simultaneously received ISO 14001 certification - the global standard for environmental management systems.

This year's environmental report is the second edition. This new report introduces NGK's specific efforts to solve critical environmental problems, such as the reduction of CO2 and industrial waste, and our environmental preservation activities which aim for zero emissions. The following new content was added in the "Environmental Report 2000".

Management of Chemical Substances

We control not only chemicals that are subject to PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register) but also others that require appropriate management under regulations of environmental management, labor safety, and the Fire Defense Law. More than 7,000 chemicals are strictly controlled from purchase, to transfer, through use to disposal.

Green Purchasing

All purchases such as raw and subsidiary materials, components, production equipment, office supplies, and services are subject to green purchasing. In addition to quality, price and period of delivery, NGK gives priority to the products and services with reduced environmental impact, and suppliers which place a high value on environmental conservation.

Environmental Accounting

In accordance with Japan Environment Agency guidelines, NGK calculated environmental cost for environmental conservation activities. Total environmental cost for fiscal 1999 was 1.52 billion yen: 1.08 billion yen for expense and 440 million yen for capital investment (R&D expenditure for environment-related products is excluded). In fiscal 2000, environmental effects will also be calculated.

This Environmental Report contains 20 A4-sized pages that are made of "Eco-mark" certified recycled paper. Furthermore, the report was printed using soy ink that contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Our "Environmental Report" will be issued annually and put on our Internet homepage at:

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