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Release: May 15 , 2000

NGK Commercializes New Diesel Particulate Filter

NGK Insulators, Ltd. (President: Masaharu Shibata, Head Office: Nagoya) commercializes a diesel particulate filter (DPF) which is made from SiC (silicon carbide) and a newly developed ceramic material (oxide composite ceramics). DPFs are used in equipment for removal of diesel particulates in exhaust. This new DPF is added to our existing line of honeycomb monolith-type filters made from cordierite

Diesel emission-control regulations will become a lot stricter between 2005 and 2007 in Japan, the USA and Europe. In Europe, Peugeot was quick off the mark to put a new car equipped with DPF on the market. In Peugeot's conventional systems, the cordierite DPF has a disintegration loss problem at high-temperatures when trapped particulates are combusted. Therefore, SiC is used because of its superior thermal resistance, although the price is higher than cordierite.

NGK applied its honeycomb forming technology to the development of a honeycomb monolith-type DPF made from SiC, and also succeeded in controlling costs. Moreover, we developed a new ceramic material to achieve further cost cutting. Its thermal expansion is as small as cordierite DPF and thermal resistance is excellent. It is therefore possible for our new DPF to accumulate and combust 2-3 times the volume of particulates than conventional filters. This is expected to make DPF system design easier. In June, NGK will start supplying samples made from the two newly developed materials, and maintain and strengthen our mass production/supply system. It is believed that the expensive SiC will be used in DPFs in the short term, but in the middle and long term, tighter regulations will make sulfur content of diesel fuel lower. Our newly developed ceramic material and cordierite will then be used as the principal materials for DPFs.

NGK has long-term experience as a leading honeycomb ceramics supplier to the automobile industry worldwide and expects its markets to grow through the continued introduction of innovative products such as our new DPF.

A photo of DPF made from SiC and new ceramic material_a A photo of DPF made from SiC and new ceramic material_b

DPF made from SiC and new ceramic material

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