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Release: December 8, 1999


NGK Insulators, Ltd.(President: Masaharu Shibata, Head Office: Nagoya) will reinforce its subsidiary's production base in Yamanashi: NGK Printer Ceramics Co., Ltd., a micro ceramics manufacturer. Micro ceramics are micro-precision functional parts that are based on compound materials of piezoelectric ceramics and zirconia ceramics.

NGK is developing micro ceramics for piezoelectric ceramic and micro processing technology applications to expand our electronics business. We intend to begin production of several products consecutively, beginning in 2000. NGK and its subsidiaries are proceeding with production-strengthening projects and the Yamanashi plant upgrade and construction is only one of those projects.

NGK Printer Ceramics Co., Ltd. Yamanashi Plant was constructed as the second production base of piezoelectric ceramics for color printers after the Komaki plant. Construction was finished in September 1998 and production began in October. (plot area of approx. 21,000m2; building siteapprox. 4,300m2) A further 2 billion investment will be made to construct a second 4,700m2 plant building and a 2,500m2 welfare building at Yamanashi. The construction started in November 1999 and will finish in March 2000.
NGK plans to start state of the art equipment installation to meet customers' demand for higher quality products; manufacturing will begin in April 2000 and we will begin shipping in July.

We will manufacture piezoelectric ceramics for use in color printers in the new plant building. New products that use micro ceramics will be mass- produced at Yamanashi as early as possible. Hereafter, Komaki will be in charge of new product R&D and industrialization, and Yamanashi will do volume production. NGK will revamp other plants in order to strengthen our electronics business strategic position.


NGK Printer Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Established: August, 1994
Paid in Capital: 90 million yen (fully owned by NGK)
President: Hidenori Nanto
Head Office: 434-3, Gotanda, Shimosue, Komaki, Aichi
Komaki Plant: Same as above
Yamanashi Plant: 775-3, Sawato, Igura, Tsuru, Yamanashi
No. of Employees: approx. 700
Nature of Business: Manufacture of ceramic products for the electronics industry
A photo of the Yamanashi plant of NGK Printer Ceramics Co., Ltd.

A photo of the Yamanashi plant of NGK Printer Ceramics Co., Ltd.

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