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Release: November 30, 1999


NGK Insulators, Ltd. (President: Masaharu Shibata, Head Office: Nagoya) has established fellowships as one of the benefits available for technical employees.

NGK has several awards and systems in place to encourage engineers' self- development, motivation and achievement. One is an incentive for outstanding patent inventors. Another, the President's Quality Satisfaction (QS) Awards, goes to departments with excellent QS activities, and a third is granted for in-house promotion of new product-development themes. The company also provides flexible working conditions and an independent working environment to further promote engineering achievement.
We believe that fellowships encourage engineers to show their creativity and autonomy, thereby promoting R&D of distinctive technologies and marketable new products.

Purpose of Fellowships:

  • To establish a new benefit for engineers who achieve remarkable R&D performance.
  • To provide incentive for new technology development and promotion.

Screening Standards:

  • Demonstration of in-depth knowledge of a relevant field of expertise and contribution to business promotion and development by creative, innovative performance.
  • Leadership in the business world and the candidate's specialty with achievement of high reputation and awards from authorities in that field.
  • Demonstration of superior knowledge and capability in the candidate's specialty.

Screening Process:

  • Group executives recommend applicants who meet the fellowship standards and nominees are then considered in the "Fellows Committee" for the president's designation. (Applicants should be engineers at manager's rank or higher)


When an "NGK Fellow" is awarded, working conditions and compensation before retirement are raised to director's level.


  • Responsible for work in professional specialty as well as company-wide special appointments at the president's direction.
  • Expected to suggest better activity method's to demonstrate high qualifications.

The first "NGK Fellow" was granted to an employee who promoted R&D and commercialization of piezoelectric ceramics and contributed to increasing performance of the company.

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