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Release: July 15, 1999


The Engineering Business Group of NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (President: Masaharu Shibata, Head Office: Nagoya), acquired certification on June 25, 1999 for ISO 14001, an international standard for environmental management systems, and received a certificate from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited ("LRQA" in U.K.), an inspection body.

The registered scope includes the comprehensive business activities associated with project management, engineering, design, development, procurement and construction management in regards to facilities/equipment for treating of water and waste water, waste, low and medium level radioactive waste, and noise control equipment.

The Engineering Business Group decides on its own environmental policy based on the environmental principles used throughout the company and contributes to environmental conservation through the following activities:

Design Section

Environment-friendly design of facilities
  • Decrease of environmental loading during operating facilities(Energy-saving design, etc.)
  • Decrease of materials required for facilities (Compact design, etc.)

Construction Section

Thorough environmental control at construction sites
  • Thorough classification of construction waste, promotion of recycling, etc.

Procurement Section

Procurement of environment-friendly products
  • Preferred procurement from ISO 14001 approved subcontractors, etc.

Sales Section

Sales promotion of environmental friendly products
  • Extended marketing of products which are more friendly to the environment, etc.

The major three domestic plants of NGK have already obtained ISO14001 in March 1998. NGK, along with its domestic and international group companies, is going forward with acquisition of ISO14001.


Sales in the Engineering Business Group
1998(actual) 7.6 billion yen (32% of the company's total sales)
1999(estimated) 7.7 billion yen (33% of the company's total sales)

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