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Release: October 27, 1998


NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (President: Masaharu Shibata, Head Office: Nagoya) started mass production of ctystallized glass substrates for hard disks.

NGK has prepared for mass production since April, 1998 and will conduct the former part of production process such as glass melting and crystallization at NGK's Komaki plant (Komaki-city, Aichi Pref.), and the latter part of the process such as grinding at the new plant of NGK Okhotsk, Ltd., a subsidiary of NGK. Integrated production at both of the plants has just been established.

The Komaki plant and NGK Okhotsk have invested approximately 3 billion yen to construct facilities and install equipment. The facilities are calable of producing 2 million units per month and now include the equipment with a manufacturing capacity of 1.2 million units per month. At NGK Okhotsk, a completion ceremony will be held on October 28, 1998, with approximately 40 people from Abashiri-city related to this plant attending and upon completion of the ceremony, production will start.

Initial production is scheduled to be 600 thousand units per month and the next target is set at 1.2 million units per month by spring, 1999.

In accordance with the sluggish increase in the demand for personal computers, the movement to use glass substrates for hard disks is also delayed. In watching the market demand, NGK would like to boost the production up to 2 million units per month at the earliest possible time.

NGK is planning to increase the production up to 5 million units per month in two to three years from this project, and intends to make crystallized glass substrates for hard disks one of the main products of its electronics business.


NGK Okhotsk, Ltd.

1. Establishment: November,1990
2. Paid in Capital: 60 million yen (fully invested by NGK)
3. President: Hidenori Nanto
4. Head Office: Yobito, Abashiri-city, Hokkaido
5. No. of Employees: approx. 200
6. Nature of Business: Manufacture of ceramic components for the electronics industry
(magnetic head components for RDD/FDD)
  1. Crystallized glass substrates for hard disks (picture)
    Crystallized glass substrates for hard disks (picture)
  2. The new plant of NGK Okhotsk, Ltd. (picture)
    The new plant of NGK Okhotsk, Ltd. (picture)
  3. Production process of NGK crystallized glass substrates

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