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Release: April 10, 1997


NGK Insulators Ltd. (President; Masaharu Shibata, Head Office; Nagoya-city) set up a mid-term management project for a term from April, 1997 to 2001.

The borderless business world has been established and we are now getting into the era of world's mega-competition. In order to develop a company under such circumstances, management control is the key. In response to this, NGK established a mid-term management project (EXCEL-01). In EXCEL-01, NGK determined the policy of the company and its affiliates toward the twenty-first century, pursuing an excellent company at the global standard.

The details of EXCEL-01 are as follows;

1. Concept of Project

"Excellent Company at the Global Standard"
In the coming era of the world's mega-competition, NGK will continuously provide benefits to its share holders, customers and employees, by working hard to pursue the world's top level company.
  • Management review from the world's point of view
  • Flexible response to changes without sticking to precedents
  • Quick action

2. Focused Business

" Triple E business", consisting of Energy, Ecology and Electronics

3. Sales Objectives

  • Sales of 500 billion yen for NGK group
  • Sales of more than 300 billion yen, and an ordinary income of more than 30 billion yen for NGK Insulators, Ltd.

4. Policies of Project

"Strategic Growth"
NGK will develop its own technology which excels those of the other manufacturers by concentrating its capital on the selected business or products. As a result, NGK will produce new business and products, which are rated at the world's top level in their business field.
"Competitive Performance"
  • Based on the consolidated management, NGK will clarify each company's role in the entire NGK group, and pursue the effective management equipped with functionality and originality.
  • NGK will aim to increase its ROE and gross capital turnover ratio.
  • NGK will train the persons who can take an active part in the global business in addition to the positive employment of the talented foreigners.
"Corporate Citizenship"
  • As an excellent company, NGK is awaken to social responsibility and will be more involved in the social contributions, such as the recently available scholarship program for international students, in addition to the former activities.
  • NGK will disclose the information to its shareholders and investors through aggressive IR activities; at the same time, to the society through PR activities.

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