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Release: September 12, 1996


NGK Insulators, Ltd. (President: Masaharu Shibata, Head Office: Nagoya) jointly commercialized a large size (6 litters/minute) water purifier with Duskin Co., Ltd. (President: Kouji Chiba, Head Office: Suita, Osaka). NGK conducted development of the water purifiers and used its original ceramic membrane for the main filters. The newly developed water purifiers have the epochal characteristic to be capable of purifying hot water and have been commercialized with the brand name of "Cefill".

It was the world's first attempt for NGK to introduce its ceramic membrane to a water purifier's filter for its 4-litters/minute model last year. The ceramic membrane, which is also used for a new large size model, had been developed through the diversified experiences of making wine and refreshing drinks, such as mineral water.

The capacity of large size model, which is 1.5 as much as that of 4-litters/minute model last year, is also twice as much as a general household water purifier (3 litters/minute). Therefore, the sales targets of new large models are set on the business, which demand a large quantity of water, as well as the households which are not satisfied with the current water supply. Duskin will be in charge of sales and distribution of "Cefill" . Duskin's business is to offer a rental of "Cefill" ; in return, it collects the rental fee every four weeks. On every payment date, a cartridge for water purifier is exchanged.

1. Background

  1. The water purifier with a ceramic membrane filter, which has been developed by NGK's fine ceramic technology, is the world's first; instead, it used to have a plastic filter. Since a ceramic membrane is an inorganic substance combusted at high temperature, it is outstanding for its heat-resistance. Such heat-resistanc e results in the significant characteristic that the structure of ceramic membrane is not affected by hot water. The ceramic membrane filters have been highly appreciated especially in production plants of wine and refreshing drinks, such as mineral water, because the flabor cannot be ruined.
  2. NGK has widely developed the applications of ceramic membrane filters. The filters, which have been highly appreciated in the above-mentioned food industry, are now adopted to water purifiers. On the other hand, Duskin is a leading rental company which deal with diversified products for households as well as business and a water purifiers is one of its main products. The technology of NGK and the sales network of Duskin are united and gave birth to "Cefill" .
  3. A six litters/minute model water purifier is free standing with compact size. The capacity of 6 litters/minute is 1.5 to twice as much as that of a general household water purifier. The six litters/minute model is useful for the business, such as, a restaurant and a household which demands more water supply. The adjustable house makes it easy to change directions of water flow.

2. Benefits of "Cefile"

  1. Introduction of high purity fine ceramic membrane
    The structure of membrane does not change.
    The membrane is outstanding for its heat-resistance.
    (The ceramic membrane is capable of running hot water (lower than 60 centigrade))
  2. Introduction of three-steps filtering
    1st Step : The stink from mold can be eliminated by Ag activated carbon.(activated carbon granule).
    2nd Step : The sources of iron rust and impurity are pre-filtered by nonwoven fabric filter.
    3rd step : The minute particles and general bacteria are filtered by ceramic membrane filters.
  3. Application of Coral Sand
    Coral Sand makes water milder at the 1st step of filtering.
  4. Introduction of an adjustable hose
    It becomes easier to control directions of water flow, especially those of hot water flow.
  5. Economical
    To purify 200 litters of water only costs Y115 per day.
  6. Regular exchange period of cartridge

Exchange period of cartridge is 4 weeks, which maintains stable capacity of water purifier and always keeps the water purifier clean.

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