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Respect of Humanity and Assurance of Comfortable Working Environment

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Human Resource Development

Basic Approach

People are our most precious management resource. With respect for employee motivation and ambition, we engage in developing human resources who will lead the next generation. In recent years, we have concentrated efforts on the enhancement of training to develop future leaders to take management positions as well as global talented staff to support our overseas business expansion.

Structures and Systems

Promoting Systematic Education through Nearly 120 Programs

NGK is engaged in systematic human resources training covering the four areas based on training conducted at each juncture of an employee's career, such as when joining the company or receiving a promotion. Other than compulsory position-based training, we conduct functional training, offering approximately 120 types of programs throughout the year.

InitiativesMore details and related data are available from the NGK Report 2017 (PDF).

Quality Improvement Training for Manufacturing

We provide quality improvement training for employees in manufacturing divisions in four classes based on the skills and experience of the participants.

Measuring Human Resource Development Achievements Using Quantitative Indices

We have introduced quantitative indices to objectively evaluate the results of human resource development.

On-site Leader Human Resource Development

We are systematically promoting training aimed at strengthening worksite capabilities.

English Instruction for New Employees

We provide English language instruction targeting all newly hired staff in general positions.

Practical Overseas Training

We conduct overseas practical training over a period of six months at global Group companies.

Encouraging and Developing Young Employees

As global competition intensifies, we urgently need to develop human resources at overseas factories. Accordingly, in-house instructors are taking innovative measures by introducing various mechanisms to develop talented young workers within the context of the daily work environment.
During training and education, I focus on encouraging each employee to take the initiative and on introducing trainees to the joy of work and collaboration with their colleagues. I strive to give trainees a sense of joy and accomplishment at the end of the program.

Manufacturing Section, Insulator Division, Power Business Group
In-House Instructor
Masato Sujino

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