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Communication with Shareholders and Investors

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The NGK Group promotes shareholder-oriented management emphasizing capital efficiency across the entire Group and strives to improve corporate value with the goal of realizing sustainable growth.

  • Basic Approach
  • Management from the Shareholder's Perspective

Basic Approach

The NGK Group corporate information disclosure is defined in "How to Engage in Business Activities" within the NGK Group Guidelines for Corporate Behavior (see below). Furthermore, along with timely and accurate disclosure of management and financial data through a variety of mediums, including via the corporate website, business reports and annual reports, the NGK Group strives for two-way communication enabling invaluable input from its shareholders and investors.

Disclosure of Corporate Information

We will release, in an accurate and timely manner, any information sought by the public; including information on our management, finance, products and services to improve transparency in management and to gain society's trust in NGK Group companies.

Behavioral Guidelines

  • We will promptly disclose any information required by society in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and our internal rules.
  • We will establish and adequately operate a mechanism for internal control relating to financial reports to disclose accurate financial information.
  • We will make good faith effort to answer any inquiry from customers pertaining to our products and services, providing responses in an appropriate manner.

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