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Connection to Society

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The NGK Group is concerned about social issues in all nations and regions. We engage in social contribution activities in response to needs in each region in an aim to become a corporate citizen trusted by local communities.

  • Basic Approach
  • Provision of Scholarships and Living Assistance to Foreign Students
  • Social Contribution Activities in Collaboration with Regional Communities and NPOs
  • Support for Volunteer Activities by Employees
  • Collaborating with the Worker's Union to Conduct Social Contribution Activities
  • Interaction with Society

Basic Approach

The NGK Group promotes social contribution activities based on the following concepts.

Focus of Activities

Centered on people and education, the environment and community involvement.

Company Activities and Employee Involvement

ˇNGK provides employees with opportunities to experience activities.
ˇNGK proactively encourages individual activities to engender employee satisfaction and a sense of confidence in the company.

Information Disclosure

NGK promotes an understanding of activities and provides activity information to inculcate a social contribution mindset among employees.

The NGK Group centralizes information on its social contribution activities from NGK Group companies in Japan and around the world. In fiscal 2015, 70 activity reports were filed.

Social Contribution Activity Promotion Status

FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015
Social contribution expenditures 346
million yen
million yen
million yen
million yen
Number of social contribution programs 9 9 8 9
Number of collaborations with NPO/NGO 2 3 5 4

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