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Thorough Enforcement of Compliance / Risk management

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Risk Management

Basic Approach

The NGK Group Guidelines for Corporate Behavior were announced within and outside the company as our basic stance toward the realization of the NGK Group corporate philosophy of creating new value by providing products and technologies that contribute to a better social environment. This includes initiatives that strictly observe the protection of third party rights and corporate assets and trust through the practice of risk management.

Structures and Systems

Risk Management System

NGK operates a risk management promotion structure led mainly by the CSR Committee. A person of responsibility and response structure is established for each risk category in an effort to improve risk response capabilities and risk prevention activities.

Risk Analysis and Response

We assume six categories of common risks as listed below, and work to avoid and prevent these risks throughout the Group.

Company-wide Shared Risks

Category Risk
1.Compliance Legal/Regulatory infractions /
improper accounting
Misappropriation by individuals
Violation of intellectual property rights
Human rights violations/harassment
Trouble with local communities
Support for antisocial forces
2.Information Information systems breakdown
Leak of proprietary or personal information
Inappropriate use of SNS
Category Risk
3.Employment/Labor Labor troubles
Labor accidents
Traffic accidents
Long-working hours/health management
Support for unskilled labor
Labor issues at suppliers and subcontractors
Incidents and accidents
Natural disasters
5.Environment Environmental management trouble
EMS insufficiency
6.Product safety Defective products

InitiativesMore details and related data are available from the NGK Report 2017 (PDF).

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Initiatives

We promote company/group-wide BCP initiatives.

Identifying and Preventing Risks Based On the CSA Questionnaire

We conduct the Control Self Assessment (CSA) Questionnaire, which tests the understanding of respondents regarding potential risks and their impact.

Intellectual Property Management

We encourage the creation of intellectual property (IP) rights through providing relevant education and work to ensure proper acquisition, protection and use of IP rights.

Overseas IP training

NGK offers overseas training programs to develop international IP experts, sending young employees to the U.S. and Europe. From 2016, Masashi Yasui from the Intellectual Property Department attended appropriate courses at the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC) in Germany. Following this, he will receive practical training at local patent offices from October.

Yasui (sixth from left in the back row) and
other students at MIPLC

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