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Realization of Higher Quality Products and Services

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Guided by the Corporate Philosophy, which puts customers first, the NGK Group considers the provision of products and services that contribute to a better social environment to be one of its most important missions in an effort to create quality from the customer's perspective.

  • Basic Approach
  • Quality Activity System
  • Enhancing the Elimination of Quality Risks Company-Wide
  • Quality Activities at Overseas Production Bases
  • QuiC Activities to Improve Quality with Full Employee Participation
  • Strengthening Quality Education
  • System for Making Use of Customer Feedback in Management

Basic Approach

The NGK Group engages in the creation of quality from the customer's perspective by defining Quality Objectives each year in accordance with the Quality Policy based on the NGK Group Guidelines for Corporate Behavior.

Quality Policy

NGK is dedicated to quality and committed to providing valuable products and services that are trusted by our customers and respected by society.

Quality Objectives 2016

Clarify changes and evaluate impacts on design and production.

Initiatives for fiscal 2016

The fiscal 2015 quality objectives were: We continue to pursue this numerical target in fiscal 2016 as we were unable to achieve the objectives during fiscal 2015. In addition, we have set new quality objectives based on our review of the defects that occurred in fiscal 2015 and have started our efforts to this end.

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