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Third Party Opinion

Mr. Koichi Ikeda Mr. Koichi Ikeda
Visiting Professor
Ritsumeikan University Management School

The NGK Report 2016 takes on a big challenge to cover everything about the NGK Group in a way that is easy for readers to understand. This is the fir st step toward an integrated report, combining financial and non-financial (e.g. CSR) information.

An integrated report strongly reflects management philosophy and the actual business performance in what information to be chosen from a wide variety of facts and how to be reported. The NGK Report 2016 clearly shows that the Group is fully aware of its social significance and strengths, makes them the foundations of its management, pursues its business based on these foundations, and foresees its sustainable growth.

Under the corporate philosophy "NGK products and technologies must create new value and contribute to the quality of life," the NGK Group has placed the highest priority on "environmental and social contribution through products" by leveraging its unique and various technologies such as ceramics, one of its great strengths, in its new Five-Year Environmental Action Plan which started in fiscal 2016. Based on this plan, the Group will actively promote efforts to develop and spread environmentally-friendly products. These are emphasized in the Management's Commitment at the beginning of the report.

In the following special feature section, New Five-Year Environmental Action Plan (2016-2020) and Environmental Products, specific details are described. The notable point is that the Group has, for the first time, set numerical targets on "development and distribution of products contributing to environmental protection" that are directly linked to its corporate philosophy. Another notable point is that the Group has set the shared goals in Japan and overseas on the main theme regarding reduction of environmental impact (reducing CO2 emissions and waste) then clearly indicated consolidated management. The report demonstrates the Group's high aspirations to practice the environmental contribution through products and environment-friendly manufacturing at a global level; it also shows the Group's serious commitment to these goals to people within and outside the company. This enhances our trust and expectations for the Group's environmental and social contribution as well as for the specific results the Group brings that integrate such contribution into business growth.

Moreover, the Group also stresses that the driving force for growth is each and every employee. Based on this idea, the report introduces various practical activities in ESG Report 2: Society, reflecting the top commitment to build a company where each employee can fully demonstrate his/her potential and initiative. In order to accomplish its corporate mission to provide products and services that contribute to the quality of life, the Group engages in a variety of activities, including human resource development, a safe work environment, and an employee-friendly environment for women. The report introduces these activities using a lively style with photos, simple charts, and real voices of people in the field; that is one of the wonderful features we can see throughout the NGK Report 2016.

We can say that the NGK Report 2016 has set the direction and central axis toward an integrated report demanded by society. I hope the Group continues to refine the structure of the report to gain further support and understanding from society, as well as to review the contents so that all the information is provided equally and effectively.

Response from NGK

Nobumitsu Saji

Nobumitsu Saji
Director and Senior Vice President
CSR Committee Chair

Thank you very much for sharing your valuable opinions.
Starting this year, we have combined financial and non-financial information as the NGK Report in its printed version. All NGK Group staff and employees are focused on realizing our corporate philosophy by reflecting on ourselves and constantly pursuing the essence of "contributing to the global environment and society through work activities," while listening with sincerity to the voices of our stakeholders in an attempt to rise to a higher level. I would appreciate if you would read the report along with the information on our website then give us your candid feedback.
While we anticipate further expansion of business overseas, the global society is increasingly demanding international corporation to comply with laws and regulations. The Group will work as one to live up to the expectations and trust from global society by continuing to recognize compliance as the lynchpin of CSR activities, while also following international standards for decision-making and acting with sincerity.

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