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Preservation of Global Environment

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The NGK Group is engaged in ongoing environmental conservation efforts by improving manufacturing processes through the development and introduction of innovative manufacturing technologies and the development of products and services that contribute to reducing environmental impacts.

Activities Covered

  • NGK Headquarters/Nagoya Site/Chita Site/Komaki Site/Ishikawa Plant (does not include Tokyo Main Office, Osaka Branch and six other sales offices)
  • Domestic Group companies: 12 manufacturing-related consolidated subsidiaries (Including Heisei Ceramics, Co., Ltd., a company dissolved in March 2016. Excluding NGK Electronics Devices, Inc., a company added to consolidated subsidiaries in January 2015.)
  • Overseas Group companies: 16 manufacturing-related consolidated subsidiaries
  • NGK's Core Policy on the Environment
  • Overall Perspective of Environmental Impact
  • Five-Year Environmental Action Plan
  • Environmental Management Frameworks and Environmental Management System
  • Environmental Impact Reduction Initiatives
  • Creating Products that Contribute to the Environment
  • Biodiversity Initiatives
  • Environmental Accounting
  • Environmental Education and Communication

NGK's Core Policy on the Environment

Recognizing that protecting the environment is a vital issue that all of humanity must face, the NGK Group formulated its Core Policy on the Environment in April 1996 based on Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Action Guidelines in order to bring its corporate activities into harmony with the environment. On the basis of this policy, the NGK Group works to reduce the environmental impact of business activities, and actively strive to help protect the environment by developing products and technologies to that end.

NGK's Core Policy on the Environment

Environmental Philosophy

Given its corporate philosophy–"NGK products and technologies must create new value and contribute to the quality of life"–NGK will contribute to tackling environmental issues through its "Triple-E" business segments of ecology, electronics, and energy to create a comfortable environment for future generations.

Guidelines for Environmental Action

  • Strive to develop, design, and manufacture products that contribute to the environment and products with low environmental impact.
  • Work to reduce the environmental impact arising from business activities.
    Conduct design reviews to scientifically study and evaluate the environmental impact of business activities.
    • Promote energy conservation measures for all processes and facilities, and make efforts to control CO2 emissions
    • Promote resource saving and recycling, and make efforts to control the generation of by-products.
    • Through the appropriate use and control of chemical agents, work to reduce the risks inherent in toxic substances.
    • Give precedence to environmentally friendly materials, parts, products, and facilities in procurement and purchasing, strengthening cooperative alliances with our business partners.
  • Enhance environmental management systems from a global perspective while continuously reducing our environmental impact.
  • Not only abide by environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements, but also institute voluntary standards and work to improve our own environmental conservation.
  • Provide environmental information to the public at the appropriate time and pursue dialogue with all stakeholders. Proactively develop social action programs. Also, engage in education and publicity in order to improve employees' environmental consciousness.

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