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Remarkable advances in new technology are continually taking place in such fields of electronics as multimedia, mobile communications and computers. NGK's fine ceramics technology creates the next generation of electronics.

Electronic Components Business

Electronic Components Business

Leading-edge ceramic technology is greatly expanding the potential for electronic components. By applying piezoelectric ceramics technology, NGK has succeeded in developing ceramic microactuators for printer heads. HICERAM®s, translucent alumina ceramics featuring high translucency and superior resistance to corrosion, are used for arc tubes of high-voltage sodium lamps and ceramic metal halide lamps. In addition, optical fiber arrays, developed based on fine ceramics technology, have become the key device in the telecommunications network

Hi-Performance Ceramics Business (Ceramic components for semiconductor manufacturing)

Hi-Performance Ceramics Business (Ceramic components for semiconductor manufacturing)

Fine ceramics are advanced materials that have a number of attractive characteristics. For example, they outperform metals and plastics in terms of toughness, lightness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. NGK has developed various applications for the industry by drawing the maximum benefit from these attractive properties. The electrostatic chucks and heaters show stable performance even under high temperature and corrosive conditions.

Specialty Metals & Molds

Specialty Metals and Molds

Beryllium copper has unique properties, such as high spring performance and conductivity. It is used as a conductive spring material in components such as micromotors, relays and connectors and IC sockets for mobile phones and personal computers, meeting demands for miniaturization and high reliability. Because of its high durability and corrosion resistance, it is also used in repeater housings of undersea optical fiber communication cables as well as in non-sparking safety tools.
NGK has used its original precision casting mold technology using beryllium-copper alloys in developing molds composed of iron and aluminum. These are used in a variety of fields, including metal molds for forming plastic automobile interiors and tires.

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